I’ll unschool my kids… Here’s why — PSYCHIC SOCIAL

Wow, it’s been a loooooooooong time! But I’m back. If you haven’t been following, thank you for being here today. Here’s a link to know more about psychic social PSYCHIC SOCIAL: My passion project Let’s get started! I’m excited! The school system world over has been tailored to fill students with information, some of which … Continue reading I’ll unschool my kids… Here’s why — PSYCHIC SOCIAL

Grown Girl

This girl's blossoming into womanhood See her, adorable, doesn't she look good In the zenith of her beauty she stands Life's taught her well and so she understands That she shall eat of the fruit of her hands Her girlish passions have flown away Her fears and failings no longer hold sway She exerts herself … Continue reading Grown Girl